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15+ years of coaching actors to elevate their craft & career

Studio For Performing Arts LA offers actors of all ages the opportunity to learn from industry experts through our powerful programs that provide real-world training and tangible business tools created by Walid Chaya.


Programs are available online and in Los Angeles, making them affordable and accessible to all. 

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Los Angeles

Top-Rated Programs

1-on-1 Career Consulting

Agent & Manager Showcases

Masterclasses with Film & TV Professionals

Demo Reel Services

Publicity for Performers

Our founder and award-winning Director/Actor, Walid Chaya, offers innovative acting programs with a special focus on 'The Business of Acting In The Digital Age.'

Walid mentors actors and draws from his extensive experience in the LA, NY, and DC production markets to provide personalized guidance and support. 

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We are committed to promoting diversity and providing underrepresented actors with a platform to showcase their talent and thrive in the industry.

Walid Chaya,
Founder & Director/Actor

Film Student

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Los Angeles BroadwayWorld Awards for '2021 MENASA Diversity Showcase'


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Act in film and television and make your dreams a reality

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These programs are for educational purposes only, do not guarantee employment and are bonded with Old Republic Surety Co. (Bond #W150384425) as required by CA State Law.

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