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Ready to reach new heights in your acting career?

Career consulting with Walid Chaya can help guide you there.

Get personalized support with our online services, trusted by hundreds of satisfied actors and agents.

Career consulting gives actors a competitive edge in a highly competitive field.


Here are three reasons why consulting with Walid is critical to reaching new heights in your acting career:

1. Expert guidance to develop your acting skills, build your brand find rep and get on casting director's shortlist

2. Goal-oriented approach with a customized action plan that aligns with your unique strengths & interests

3. Access to Studio network, resources and cutting edge biz strategies created by Walid for today's digital market

Consult Packages
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 TAKE your ACTING CAREER from  0 to 100 in just 3 MONTHS: 

Best Value

ProActor Accelerator



Every month

Boost your career with coaching, rep, press & insider access

Valid for 3 months

Strategize Weekly for Career Support

Get Introduced to 3 Casting VIPs or Agents/Managers

Receive 1 Press Article in a Trusted News/Media Publication

Revamp Your Resume, Media & Branding

Increase Exposure & Connect with Casting

Develop Your Auditioning Skills

Access Exclusive Studio Offers & Events

ProActor Accelerator