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Interested in an acting degree?

Discover and prepare for your dream BA or BFA program with our expert guidance and increase your chances of acceptance.

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Ready to GET INTO your dream ACTING SCHOOL?

Here are 7 reasons you need an acting coach for admissions:

  1. Audition Preparation

  2. Performance Improvement

  3. Portfolio Development

  4. Individualized Guidance

  5. Confidence Building

  6. Industry Insights

  7. College Program Selection Assistance


Sophie Isbell

Sophie Isbell

“Walid made the process of applying and auditioning for acting school so accessible and easy. He made sure I had good headshots and a correctly formatted acting resume, which lots of people didn’t have! I was so confident walking into my auditions and I felt incredibly well prepared. He gave me a lot of insight on the industry in general and is overall a fantastic resource, mentor, and person.” 

Benjamin Ting

Benjamin Ting

"Walid is incredibly helpful with coaching and finding competitive scripts for college auditions! Walid treated me like a professional and utilized acting techniques that brought out my best performances. He also shared perspective on my list of acting schools so I can make smart decisions and get accepted into a program that's perfect for me."


Florence Lehr
Founder ARTriculate, College Consulting for Creative Students

"Walid has worked with several of my high school seniors as they prepare for their audition materials. They love working with him and I'm sure that his guidance has played a big part in their acceptances to some of the most competitive BFA programs."

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These programs are for educational purposes only, do not guarantee employment and are bonded with Old Republic Surety Co. (Bond #W150384425) as required by CA State Law.

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