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ABC's of Pilot Season with 7 Casting Directors, Agents & Managers + Prep with Walid

7 CASTING DIRECTORS, AGENTS & MANAGERS: ★ Pamela Staton, Casting Director (IMDb) Karen Ryan, Casting Director (IMDb) ★ Cindy Schoonover, Agent, Eris Talent (Site) ★ Sueanne Edan, Agent, Tangerine Talent (Site) ★ Tyler Kahl, Agent, Allegory Talent (Site) ★ Brandon Cohen, Manager, BAC Talent (Site) ★ Lauren Hightower, Mgmt., Aspire Talent (Site) Discover 3-steps that will have you in top shape for Pilot Season in this 2-part virtual class! Develop your pitch and actor profile with Walid during the first class, then present to 7 VIP casting directors, talent agents and managers on the second/final class. The industry is finding ways to safely reopen with more castings on the rise as we head into the busiest season for television. Pilot Season traditionally begins in January and auditions will continue virtually for the time being. THE A-B-C's OF PILOT SEASON PREP A: AMMO- Review Your Actors Access Profile Is your actor profile as strong as your talent? A variety of demo clips and professional headshots are your ammo when submitting to casting or seeking representation. No matter how talented you are, your profile must reflect your skills and personality to be considered for roles in television and film. B: BRAND- Pitch Your Brand & Type Are you authentic and easy to remember? Awareness of your type and roles authentic to you and your special skills is how you pitch yourself as an actor. The more specific and organic your pitch, the more likely you are to be remembered and matched with certain roles. C: CONNECTION- Present To 7 VIP's What do casting pros and talent reps think? Pitch yourself to 7 VIP Casting Directors, Talent Agents & Managers that will view your Actors Access profile and watch one of your video clips, then give you on-the-spot feedback and professional advice. These 7 VIP's are very busy and actively working in television and film. Click on the IMDb and website links next to each guests name to learn more about them. Understand how prominent leaders in the industry view you and ways to pivot towards a most successful career path.

This event is a two part virtual class with two separate sets of dates! Register for either Thurs./Sat., March 18 & 27, 2021 or Tues./Sat., March 23 & 27, 2021. For registration and to view the current schedule, please visit


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