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Free Guide "How To Set Up Your Actors Access Custom Link"

Creating an Actors Access Custom Link is one of an actor's key tools in creating easy-to-access marketability for yourself.

Actors Access (Breakdown Services) is one of the main resources for actors to find casting calls. Your Actors Access profile should be fitted with your resume, headshot, and video reel.

This helps to give your application on Actors Access more credibility, however when you choose to network or find roles outside of Actors Access how can an agent, manager, casting director, or any other industry professional find your credits easily?

This is where your Actors Access Custom Link comes in to play.

The Actors Access Custom Link creates a web page for an actor that contains their resume, bio, size card, headshots, and video reel! This custom link gives an actor an easy resource with their work and material to send to whomever they wish. The video below shows where to find, how to create, and how to share your custom link!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to share your custom link on Actors Access:

  1. Sign in to your Actors Access account.

  2. Go to "my tools" and in the drop down menu click on custom link.

  3. The custom link page will allow you to create a custom URL to direct people to your Actors Access page (recommended to make your custom URL your name).

  4. After editing the custom link URL click "Save".

  5. Click on "view link" to see your Actors Access page.

  6. To share your custom link, copy the URL at the top of the page, then past it wherever you want.

  7. If you do not want to share your Actors Access link publicly, then you can disable the custom link by checking the "deactivate my custom link" box and click "Save".

I hope that this article has been helpful!

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