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Barrie Adleberg, Writer/Producer & Founder, Split Ends Media (Guest Bio)

Barrie Adleberg is known for her work on Red House, Driving Ms. Saudi (2018) and Legendary (2020).

Barrie is a Narrative Designer and Producer based in Lenapehoking (New York City). She works across film, TV, and video gaming in both story editing and production design. Titles include Legendary, Lyka’s Adventure, Beta the Game, and the National STEM Video Game Challenge. Partners include HBO Max, Netflix, Hasbro, Sesame Workshop, Refinery 29, Smithsonian Institution and the National Science Foundation.

For over a decade, Barrie has designed story worlds and produced educational programming using emerging technologies (Web, Apps, AR, VR, 360, IoT). From community hackathons to interactive murals, to visual coding platforms and connected toys, her work is multi-platform and built in a play-to-learn approach. Her research is published in the ACM Digital Library and Kidscreen Magazine.

Barrie is a part of the Digital Storytelling Lab team at Columbia University, School of the Arts. She designs and facilitates virtual programming to address world problems using design thinking and creative prototyping. Barrie is a Writer/Producer on the Red House Project team, a partnership between House on Fire Productions and Brand Cinema. Her podcast, Not Invisible: Native Womxn on the Frontlines can be found anywhere you stream!

Click here for Barrie's official website!

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