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BroadwayWorld Review: "Broadway Benefit Bash" with Walid Chaya at LA Musical Mondays

On Monday, November 6, 2023, the Chapel at the Abbey in West Hollywood was filled with the enchanting melodies and captivating performances of some of Broadway's finest talents, all part of the special "BROADWAY BENEFIT BASH" presented at the Musical Mondays event." -BroadwayWorld

"This evening not only delivered an unforgettable night of entertainment but also warmed hearts with the generous donations of canned food and gently used clothing for the LA LGBT Center's homeless youth collection. Produced by Ishka Maher in collaboration with Walid Chaya and Studio For Performing Arts LA, the night offered musical entertainment to remember.

The evening kicked off with a delightful screening and sing-along of musical music videos with performances by the captivating “Fans of MuMo”, setting the stage for the main event. As the clock struck 10, the live spot performances began, each one leaving the audience in awe.

The evening was not only a celebration of talent but also a testament to the community's generosity. Attendees came bearing donations of canned food and gently used clothing, all of which will go to support the invaluable work of the LA LGBT Center and homeless youth support initiative."

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