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"LA Acting Bootcamp" Testimonial Curtis Combrink at Studio For Performing Arts LA

"'LA Acting Bootcamp' was an absolute blast! It was a very relaxed and chill feel the whole time. Walid and [Studio For Performing Arts LA] were awesome to work with. Walid was very helpful with teaching and explaining everything. His “Just Go For It” attitude really set the mood for the entire program.

It was awesome getting to meet all the talent agents, casting directors, directors and fellow actors. I left with a better understanding [of] where I stand in the industry and what I need to work on and change.

Courtney [Lin] and Jennifer [Sun] have been giving me advice and pointers on what to do... Theo [Caesar] seemed pretty excited to talk about adding me to their roster, [and] I’ve been talking to David [Rosenthal] about coaching and making a new [voice] demo reel...

I’ll definitely be working with Studio For Performing Arts LA more to better myself for my acting career." - Curtis Combrink (Participant)


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