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Walid Chaya 'Diverse Writers Outreach' Quarter Finalist for THE BARENT TRAP

New year, new script! I’ve spent the last two years writing my first feature film, THE BARENT TRAP, a queer romcom inspired by “Crazy Rich Asians” and “The Parent Trap” films.

Grateful for our first award from the DIVERSE WRITERS OUTREACH competition presented by the Santa Barbara Int’l Screenplay Awards.

What’s next? The script is competing in several additional top writing competitions. My team and I are currently taking meetings with producers and production companies for this project - so if you have any ideas, please send me a message!

THE BARENT TRAP is more than a typical comedy of mistaken identities. It’s about a special pair of twin brothers, one womanizing Christian and the other a closeted Muslim, whose parents were forbidden to marry due to different cultural traditions. Together they create a bond that transcends borders and beliefs.

Pitch deck available upon request. Let’s go 2023!


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