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2 Film Directors Class: Roxy Shih (Emmy-Nominee) & Tim Nackashi (Sundance, Dua Lipa)

9:45am PT July 19 | Meet, perform & coach with 2 Directors then link with Walid for a 1-on-1 consult


The Lounge on Melrose

7551 Melrose Ave (Studio A)

Hollywood, CA


Are you making it to callbacks and director sessions when auditioning? Interested in discovering how directors view your talent and style for film and television?

This package includes an in-person acting masterclass with two film directors and a personalized online career consultation with Walid Chaya.

Join us for hands-on performance and coaching sessions with these two film directors at our upcoming double director masterclass in West Hollywood:

ROXY SHIH (Emmy-Nominated DARK/WEB, Hulu's PAINKILLERS, Discovery+ ZAK'S HAUNTED MUSEUM) / Site:

TIM NACKASHI (Sundance's DIRTY WORK, Music Videos for Dua Lipa, Maroon 5, OneRepublic) / Site:

✭ DATE ✭

Friday, July 19th at 9:45am PT


★ Prepare a film or television scene of your choice (no longer than 2 minutes) featuring a character similar to your age, type, and personality. If you need assistance selecting a scene, please contact us in advance.

★ Please print and bring two copies of your scene, one for yourself and one highlighted for your scene partner. A "reader" will be provided for you to perform with, followed by personalized feedback and coaching from both directors.


★ After completing this masterclass, you'll receive an email to schedule a 20-minute online 'Career Checkup' over Zoom with acting coach Walid Chaya. During your consultation, you'll recap the key takeaways from the class and develop strategic approaches to enhance your acting career.

☆ Space is very limited and line-up is subject to change. ☆

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights from three different talent reps, and make successful career moves, book now!

To view the current schedule visit


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