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FREE Webinar! Casting VIP Ani Avetyan

Tues Jan 11 | Discover PILOT SEASON SECRETS to book more roles on TV

Pilot Season is starting and Casting Professional & Producer Ani Avetyan joins Walid Chaya to share secrets and strategies to prepare.

Find out what to expect if you receive a television pilot audition and what it's like to book a role and work on set in today's new normal. Ani and Walid will also will take questions from participants live on Zoom.

✭ Tuesday, Jan 11 at 5pm PT

Pilot Season traditionally runs from January to April. After a year of almost no pilots, due to the pandemic prompted industry slowdown, networks will be shopping for more pilots than usual in the 2022 season. This means there will be more castings for actors.

Ani and Walid will discuss what virtual components can be expected post-COVID and what the transition back to work looks like for actors, from auditioning to your time on-set this Pilot Season.

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