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In Person Class Casting VIP Zora DeHorter

Wed Dec 1 6pm PT | Flex your comedy and drama skills with Zora who's cast both.

Casting Director Zora DeHorter CSA returns in-person for a one-night only acting masterclass in West Hollywood.

Zora is the V.P. of Communications for the prestigious Casting Society of America, a Judge on CBS' "The World's Best" Talent Competition and known for casting many films and TV shows. Some of her most popular films include Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G InDa House", "Species III" and "Loving Annabelle" which won 10 awards. Zora has also cast TV, previously at MGM Television for the series "She Spies", "Dead Like Me", "Jeremiah" and more. For more info about her projects please visit Zora's IMDb page.


✭ Prepare a film/television scene no longer than two minutes. We will provide a 'reader' to read with you in class.

✭ Need help finding a scene? Email to request options in advance.

Zora will watch and then coach and give adjustments to each performer in a group setting. She will also discuss the evolving audition process, in-person v. virtual casting and what it's like to return to set as production resumes again in Los Angeles and beyond.

For Zora's lesson plans and more information about this masterclass please visit this link:

Register now and prepare for the upcoming Pilot Season with this television and film casting VIP!

To register and view the current schedule, click here or visit


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