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Joe Florance, Talent Agent/Owner, Circle of 10 Talent Agency (Guest Bio)

Joe Florance is a Talent Agent and Owner of Circle of 10 Talent Agency based in Los Angeles.

Circle of 10 Talent is more than representation. They are an agency that understands, respects and provides opportunity for their clients.

Hollywood can be a very lonely place where many talented people are overlooked. Artists often struggle for years just to acquire representation and then still don't have the connections or pedigree to get their proverbial foot in the door.

Circle of 10 Talent assist aspiring writers, actors, and producers by building key contacts, polishing and positioning resumes, lining up auditions, and ultimately securing castings. It can be a long, intimidating process, but you won’t be alone on your journey.

This is an incredible adventure and the excitement of helping talented people strive for their dreams makes the pursuit very rewarding. To “make it” you need support, someone who will believe in you, guide you, and most importantly, give you a chance!

You will get that chance at Circle of 10.

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