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Kia Todd, Talent Agent/Owner of Kia Todd Talent Agency (Guest Bio)

Kia Todd is a Talent Agent and the owner of Kia Todd Talent Agency.

Before opening her own agency, Kia worked as a Personal Manager and Head of the Commercial Talent Division at Sheila Legette Entertainment in Los Angeles for several years.

Kia is a Philadelphia native who is taking the talent development and recruiting industry by storm.

At a young age, life challenged Kia's ability to stand up to adversity when her mother unexpectedly became ill. Placing the honorable responsibility of caregiver of both her mother and brother on her and her grandmother's shoulders. Forcing Kia to grow up fast and become a strong communicator and provider for her family. By the age of 15, Kia knew that helping people was what she was most passionate about.

After High School, she began an entry-level position in the medical field and attended Temple University as a Criminal Justice major. Her love for helping others reach their full potential uncovered a hidden talent for networking and facilitation of career advancement. She was able to use those skills in her day-to-day life assisting her close friends and then husband with pursuing their passions in the entertainment industry. This meant leaving her hometown behind and head to California.

Since then she has been able to cultivate her natural gift of caring and motivating to advance her daughter's budding acting career. After nearly 15 years in the medical field, Kia decided to take the advice of some of the close friends she had met in the industry and pursue her passion for artist discovery and development full time. She has a knack for recognizing talents in others, and keen expertise in helping others to not only discover and recognize their true gifts but teach them how to invest and manifest them. She has strong personal and professional relationships with some of the industry's heaviest hitters. Her kind and caring approach and matter of fact business savvy have allowed her a seat at many industry tables where her opinion and knowledge base are greatly respected.

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