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"Lara Raj: Rising to Pop Stardom..." Ep. 19 of LIGHTS CAMERA CONVERSATION Available, Stream Now

Join our conversation about all things entertainment! “Lights Camera Conversation” is a brand new podcast by Walid Chaya and Kavita Raj.

In this episode, we delve into Lara Raj's journey to debut as part of the global girl group KATSEYE by HYBE & GEFFEN Records.

Join showbiz visionaries Walid and Kavita as they celebrate a milestone in Kavita's daughter Lara Raj's career: her music debut as a key member of the new global girl group, KATSEYE, formed through Geffen Records in collaboration with HYBE x Universal Music Group for 'The Debut: Dream Academy.' Lara joins talents including Manon, Sophia, Daniela, Megan, and Yoonchae.

The rigorous journey to KATSEYE involved a year-long boot camp akin to K-Pop industry standards, followed by 2 and a half months of performance missions, narrowing 20 girls down to the final 6 based on public votes. Witness Lara's journey from social media discovery to intensive training in Hollywood and South Korea, leading to her inclusion in KATSEYE. Experience the behind-the-scenes process required to become the next pop sensation.

In pop culture, Walid updates Kavita on the resolution of the SAG Strike, awaiting approval from SAG members, signaling the end of the strike period.

Stream on your favorite platform, like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more or click here. Please give our new podcast a 5 star rating when you listen and subscribe — it means so much as we get started.


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