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Online Class with Casting VIP Lauren Bass

Sat Oct 9 | Study with Lauren who has cast major films/TV in LA and NYC.

Level up with bi-coastal casting professional Lauren Bass of Bass Casting in this online acting master class!

Bass Casting is known for James Franco's PRETENDERS, Amazon's CHEMICAL HEARTS, New Line's The Conjuring prequel ANNABELLE to name a few films, and has cast TV shows on networks like HBO, CW, TNT, Starz and Nickelodeon and more! Lauren continues to be busy, for more info about her projects please visit Lauren's IMDb.


✭ The day before this event, you will be emailed a scene from Lauren.

✭ Prepare your assigned scene to your best ability to present in class on Zoom.

✭ Lauren will also be your 'reader' on Zoom, followed by coaching and redirection with Lauren.

Lauren will assign a scene for each participant to prepare in advance. Scenes will be emailed to participants the day before the virtual class.

Lauren will watch and then coach and give adjustments to each performer in a group setting. Lauren will also discuss the current phase of casting and production, with most initial auditions done "virtually" from home and also discuss the "new norm" once back on-set.

For Lauren's lesson plans and more information about this masterclass please visit this link:

Register now and level up your acting skills with this LA and NY casting professional!

Oct 9, 2021 - 10am PT

For registration please click here and to view the current schedule, please visit


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