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"Hollywood Artist-Agent Relations" Ep. 17 of LIGHTS CAMERA CONVERSATION Available, Stream Now

Join our conversation about all things entertainment! “Lights Camera Conversation” is a brand new podcast by Walid Chaya and Kavita Raj.

In today’s FREE podcast episode, we delve into the dynamic artist-agent relationship for film & TV representation.

Join entertainment entrepreneurs Walid and Kavita as they delve into the nuanced dynamics of the Artist-Agent relationship. From fostering trust to maximizing creative potential, they provide invaluable insights for artists about working with both Agents and Managers. Discover how to effectively communicate with your rep, learn the essential questions to ask when signing with an agent or manager and professional ways to establish a solid line of communication. In the pop culture segment, Walid and Kavita share their excitement about Rihanna's long-awaited announcement of new albums and an eagerly anticipated tour, a moment fans have been eagerly awaiting for years.

Stream on your favorite platform, like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more or click here. Please give our new podcast a 5 star rating when you listen and subscribe — it means so much as we get started.


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