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Lisa Pantone, Casting Director, Lisa Pantone Casting (Guest Bio)

Lisa Pantone has been casting award winning projects for over 20 years and formed Pantone Casting LLC along with her daughter, Gigi Berry, who brings a fresh and modern view to the business.

They work closely with all of the top agencies and management firms all over the world to provide the best casting and talent possible for each project that they are involved in.

She has developed a well earned reputation within the acting community throughout the United States as an extraordinary private coach, teacher, and mentor – keeping her very much in demand all over the United States. Lisa also makes contact through her Master Workshop allowing her a “first look” at fresh, undiscovered talent that she is able to bring to the attention of her directors, producers, writers and advertising agencies. Lisa is an "in demand" acting coach which allows her to practice her second love of nurturing, guiding and developing the actor’s craft Lisa has been named as "HEAD OF CASTING" for the prestigious INKWELL THEATER for the Emmy Award winner and Executive Director, Elliot Shoenman and his son, Artistic Director, Daniel Shoenman.

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past.

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