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Liz Ortiz, Casting Director, I Ain't Playin Films and Casting Solutions (Guest Bio)

Liz Ortiz is known for And... Seen (2018), The Camera's Eye (2010), Advantageous (2015), and Barrio Boy (2022).

Liz's other credits are Pedacito De Carne, Off the Rails, Window Dressing, Off Track Betty, Imagine I'm Beautiful, The Bravest, the Boldest, Can't Dance, I Am John Wayne, Lost Revolution, The Tailor, Crazy Beats Strong Every Time, Perhaps Tomorrow, The Robber Barons of Wall Street, The Cycle, Medicine Man, Haber, The Workout, Lifted, I Believe in America, Pop Foul, and Zombie Honeymoon.

Learn more about Liz’s current and past projects by visiting her IMDB and make sure to check too!

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past and has supported our MENASA Diversity Showcase.

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