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Mala Lemnah, Talent Agent, 5J Management (Guest Bio)

Mala has has 12 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She owned a talent agency for 8 years where had over 600 clients. She later decided to focus on being manger rather an agent. She loves developing and managing up and coming diverse clients.

5J Management is a Talent Management Firm that specializes in representing on-camera talent for various mediums such as commercials, television, film, voice-over, and print. With a strong focus on nurturing and promoting talent, 5J Management offers comprehensive services to help talented individuals thrive in the entertainment industry.

Learn more about Mala’s current and past clients by visiting her IMDB and make sure to check their website at too!

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past and has supported our MENASA Diversity Showcase.

To find upcoming events featuring this special guest and similar VIP's, please view the current schedule at and join our mailing list for updates.

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