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Matt Beurois, Director & Scriptwriter (Guest Bio)

Matt Beurois is a Director and Producer at The Talent Factory based in Los Angeles.

Matt's feature directorial debut "The Barn", starring Ken Samuels (OSS 117) and Guillaume Faure (Marvel Doctor Strange), was released in 2018 in North America, and in 2019 internationally. It was presented to every major market including Cannes, the American Film Market AFM, Berlin, Hong Kong Filmart, Toronto...

His second feature "American Game" is an action thriller starring Jansen Panettiere (shot before the Covid pandemic) is in post-production. He is credited to more than 50 films, TV shows and productions including the French version of Masterchef, biopic documentaries, and award-winning drama such as Little Wing (TIFF) or At War (Cannes Palme d'Or nominee).

Matt is the founder and current general manager of the Paris Art and Movie Awards, listed as “the #1 film festival in Paris, France” by NBC, CBS, FOX and Authority Magazine. Matt’s production offices and business partner branches are established in Los Angeles, Sante Fe, Nashville, Paris.

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