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Miranda Mattlin, Talent & Literary Coordinator, Aspire Talent Management (Guest Bio)

Miranda Mattlin is a versatile professional with a strong background in the entertainment industry. Currently a Talent & Literary Coordinator at Aspire Talent Management. With previous experience as an Assistant at the same company, Mattlin has honed their skills in administrative tasks and client assistance.

Miranda also served as the Co-Artistic Director and Literary Manager for The Green Room, overseeing student-run shows and facilitating new play development. Mattlin's passion for the arts extends to their work as a Costume Shop Assistant at Pomona College and an Artistic Intern at La Jolla Playhouse, where they gained hands-on experience in production and script evaluation.

Learn more about Miranda and Aspire Talent Management by visiting their website at

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past and has supported our MENASA Diversity Showcase.

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