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Online Class with Casting VIP Lisa Pantone

Sat Nov 6 | Learn to book COMMERCIALS with Lisa who's cast for 20+ years.

Meet Award-Winning Casting Professional & Celebrity Acting Coach Lisa Pantone and learn to book commercials!

Lisa has been casting for over 20 years and has worked with brands like BMW, Disney, Kim Kardashian, Cosmopolitan, Starbucks, McDonalds, Transformers, Kohls, Walgreens, Aquafina and many more. She comes with a sharp eye and wealth of knowledge to share. For more info about Lisa visit for her website.

Please prepare a commercial of your choice (around 30 seconds) for this master class. Lisa will watch then coach and give adjustments to each performer in a group setting.

If you need commercial scripts (aka commercial "copy") email for assistance after you book.

Lisa will also break down the latest phase of commercial casting and production, now done "virtually" from the comfort of your own home, and also discuss the "new norm" on-set and what to expect moving forward.

For Lisa's lesson plans and more information about this masterclass please visit this link:

Get ready for a jam-packed commercial masterclass with one of LA's greatest industry professionals!

Nov 6, 2021- 11 AM PT

To register and view the current schedule, click here or visit


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