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FREE! Actor's Online OPEN HOUSE with VIP Guests, Giveaways & Prizes!

Wed Aug 24 | Actors learn about our new fall programs & VIP meet+greet

About The Event

Discover how we can help you "Elevate Your Craft & Career™" in our ONLINE OPEN HOUSE, plus special actor giveaways and special prizes!

Join our VIP PANEL on Zoom, book now for free admission to meet:

✭ Discover Management Owner/Manager DebraLynn Findon

✭ Casting Director and Producer Ani Avetyan

✭ Actor and Studio Director Walid Chaya

Learn about how to prepare for the fall season of castings and our upcoming studio programs for actors led by Walid and LA's top film and television experts. Have your questions answered during the Q&A session and participate for a chance to win acting-related giveaways and special prizes!

This event is on the following date:

✭ Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 6pm PT

Hear more about The Active Actor™, our exclusive monthly mentorship package with weekly scene study and business class. This program is co-taught by Walid and Ani and the monthly package also includes Hollywood guest speakers, actor's marketing webinars, end-of-semester industry showcase and much more.

For more info about The Active Actor™ program, please click here

Walid and his VIP guests will also answer questions from actors live on Zoom during the Q&A session, with helpful advice on working in the Los Angeles market by utilizing our studio programs and similar resources for training, casting, representation, marketing and so on.

Save your spot now for this special online event!

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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