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Scene Study Masterclass with Casting VIP Pamela M. Staton

Thurs July 21 | In-Person Scene Study Masterclass in Los Angeles with Casting Director & Producer, Pamela M. Staton, known for Indie Films and TV.

Dive into scene study in this in-person masterclass with Casting Director & Producer, Pamela M. Station, and receive expert coaching to help book more film and television!

Pamela is a respected member of the entertainment industry with over 22 years combined experience as a casting director, talent executive, producer and promotions and marketing executive. Having worked at both the Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Studios, the latter for 10 years, she is able to bring experience, knowledge, relationships and hands-on know-how to the field of Casting and Producing. With her dedication to excellence and keen eye for talent, she has completed 56 Indie Films, 49 of which received distribution and 29 of which garnered "Best Film" honors from prestigious Film Festivals including Cannes. For more info, visit for Pamela's IMDb page.


Prepare a film or television scene of your choice that is no longer than 2 minutes. Choose a character that is similar to your age/type/personality.

Pamela will coach individual scenes and discuss characters, motivation and all that goes into a thorough scene study. She will then discuss what to expect when auditioning and on-set during a group Q&A session.

For Pamela's Lesson Plans for this Masterclass, click here

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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