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ProActor Accelerator: Take Your Acting Career From 0 to 100 in Just 3 Months

Boost your acting career with weekly coaching, intros to casting and talent reps, guaranteed press & insider access.

Ready to supercharge your acting career?

ProActor Accelerator was designed by Walid Chaya for actors interested in putting their career in overdrive.

Here's what's included in our transformative 3-month package:

  1. Strategize Weekly for Career Support: Receive personalized weekly career coaching from Walid Chaya and his team of industry experts, who will help you map out a winning strategy for achieving your goals and taking your career to the next level.

  2. Get Introduced to 3 Casting Pros, Directors or Agents/Managers: We have the perfect connections waiting for you. Choose from a distinguished lineup of three highly respected industry professionals: a curated selection of casting pros and directors, or agents and managers actively seeking fresh talent like yourself. This will give you a solid foundation for building a team of representation that is dedicated to advancing your career and getting you the best possible opportunities.

  3. Receive 1 Press Article in a Trusted News/Media Publication: We'll help you get the exposure you need to succeed with a professionally written press article, published in a trusted news or media outlet. Stand out in a competitive industry by using publicity to capture the attention of top industry professionals.

  4. Revamp Your Resume, Media & Branding: Walid and his team of branding experts will work with you to craft a professional and polished image, creating a standout resume, reel, and online presence that will get you noticed by industry professionals.

  5. Increase Exposure & Connect with Casting: We'll help you navigate the industry and connect with top casting directors, increasing your visibility and landing you more auditions and bookings.

  6. Develop Your Auditioning Skills: In addition to connecting you with casting directors, we'll help you hone your auditioning skills so that you can make the most of every opportunity.

  7. Access Exclusive Studio Offers & Events: As part of our package, you'll have access to exclusive studio offers and events, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the industry and valuable networking opportunities.

At Studio For Performing Arts LA, we believe that working with a coach is essential to gaining a competitive edge in the highly competitive acting industry. ProActor Accelerator, designed and led by renowned acting coach Walid Chaya, will help you improve your skills, develop a career plan, and achieve your goals.

Don't just dream of success, make it a reality with ProActor Accelerator!

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