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Ryan Luevano, Manager & Writer (Guest Bio)

Ryan Luevano is known for Timewriter, Shoot Ma! (2010) Experience Magic (2011) and 57 Bus.

Ryan M. Luévano is a multifaceted talent in Los Angeles, acclaimed as an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, talent manager, and theatre critic. His expertise extends to roles as a music director for institutions such as Santa Ana College, The Colony Theatre, The Sierra Madre Playhouse, and the Burbank Community Theater. Alongside his contributions as a professor of music at Woodbury University, Santa Ana College, and Rio Hondo College, he serves as a regular teaching artist at A Noise Within Theatre Company in Pasadena. Actively engaged in the arts community, Ryan is on the board of directors for the Foundation for New American Musicals, contributes as a staff writer for Stage Raw, and proudly holds membership in the Dramatists Guild of America.

Ryan earned his Master’s degree in musicology from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach, specializing in the history of musical theater in America.

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