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"LA Acting Bootcamp" Testimonial Sheryl Kendall at Studio For Performing Arts LA

"WOW! The BEST acting program I have ever attended!!! BEST MONEY SPENT!!! Walid's "LA Acting Bootcamp" is intense, and it is designed to take you through the rigors of what it is like to be a working actor in this industry. It clearly shows you what training you have has stuck, and what you still need to work on, and its done in a realistic but very positive way. Walid puts you in front of some of the best of the best Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Film Directors, in town and they are all there for you! They are excited to help you on your journey to be the best you can be! So, you can book! If you follow Walid then you can be like me who just scheduled a meeting with one of the agents as a result of attending his showcase! So, if you want to get on the path to success, RUN to his program. You will not regret it!"  -Sheryl Kendall (Participant)


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