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Vote! BroadwayWorld Awards with 2 Nominations for Studio For Performing Arts LA and Walid Chaya!

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Studio For Performing Arts LA has been nominated for 2 categories in the BroadwayWorld 2023 Regional Awards:

  • Best Cabaret/Concert/Solo Performance: Walid Chaya DEFYING LABELS (Musical Mondays at The Chapel)

  • Best Special Event: MENASA DIVERSITY SHOWCASE Studio For Performing Arts LA / MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition

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A special thank you to our event partners, the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition (MENASA Diversity Showcase) and the Zephyr Theatre (LA Monologue & Song Slam). Your support is greatly appreciated!


"Defying Labels: No Type-Cast Broadway Musical Competition" is an LA Creatives night out at "Musical Monday's." It was part of the special celebration of MUMO's 14th Anniversary on April 24, 2023 in West Hollywood at the iconic CHAPEL at the Abbey!

"Defying Labels: No Type-Cast Broadway Musical Competition" showcased three theatre pros defying expectations as they performed in unconventional roles. Judges Rawan Chaya and George Khouri offered critiques, while the energetic host Walid Chaya kept the show alive. Featuring Blayne, Brice Corder, and Emily Marsh as the talented performers.

☆ The third annual MENASA Diversity Showcase had a successful premiere with over 60 actors delivering powerful monologues. 50 VIPs supported the cause by volunteering their time to watch the showcase, which serves as a platform for MENASA actors to be discovered, leveling out the playing field for diversity and inclusion in entertainment.

The 3nd annual "MENASA Diversity Showcase" was held online on April 22, 2023. Actors of MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) descent were invited to submit and request an appointment. Selected actors had the opportunity to perform a one-minute monologue online for a VIP panel.

The MENASA Diversity Showcase, now in its third year, was founded by actor and director Walid Chaya and the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition, who also served as co-producers. This year, the showcase was also supported by the Casting Society of America and featured over 60 actors delivering powerful and heartfelt monologues.

The purpose of the MENASA Diversity Showcase was to increase representation and inclusion of MENASA actors in the entertainment industry. With only a handful of MENASA actors represented in mainstream media, this event was a chance for these talented individuals to break into the industry and make their voices heard. The showcase aimed to level out the playing field and offer an equal opportunity for actors from diverse backgrounds to be discovered.

☆ The LA Monologue & Song Slam premiered to a full house and is a diversity and scholarship program produced by Studio For Performing Arts LA. This program is at no cost to performers and was created as an opportunity to give industry exposure to underrepresented talent.

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