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Stephanie Klapper, Casting Director (Guest Bio)

Stephanie Klapper is known for Stag (2014), Roberta (1999) and Poor Behavior (2016).

Stephanie’s other casting credits include ElfQuest: Journey to Sorrow's End, Less Than or Equal To, Netuser, Epiphany V, Lazy Town, Monsura Is Waiting, One Billion Rising, Altamont Now, Scaring the Fish, Mystery of Polka King, Love/Death/Cobain, La Fiesta del Chivo, and Crucible of Empire: The Spanish American War.

Learn more about Stephanie’s current and past projects by visiting her IMDB and make sure to check too!

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past and has supported our MENASA Diversity Showcase.

To find upcoming events featuring this special guest and similar VIP's, please view the current schedule at and join our mailing list for updates.


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