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Actor-Director Walid Chaya Presents Compelling Dark Comedy at LA’s 2023 Brisk Festival

"Walid Chaya’s latest project will have comedy fans rolling and tumbling in their seats. His union with Lavinia Roberts is an unbeatable combo that always pleases the audience. This latest project is produced by Studio For Performing Arts LA at the Brisk Festival LA." - Vents Magazine

"Brisk Festival LA is an international theater festival celebrating 10 minute short plays premiering at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. Their list of short plays is selected through a rigorous process that ensures quality and entertainment at its best.

Making it to the list is a big feat for “Darn It Darla” and Walid Chaya’s team!

This story is not just for laugh gags, but a superb compilation of the various challenges in the industry today. During the festival, the audience will be able to vote for “Best Play” as a series of short plays will be presented through the evening, one of which is “Darn It Darla”. Plays with leading votes will be awarded a second weekend of encore performances. "

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