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Vicki Goggin, Casting Director, Vicki Goggin & Associates Casting (Guest Bio)

Vicki Goggin & Associates Casting began as a commercial casting haven for film/television production companies The Bedford Falls Company, Industrial Light & Magic and RSA. Vicki’s heavy New York theatrical foundation and insatiable enthusiasm for showing clients extraordinary faces and personalities to which they had not yet been exposed (or relentlessly subjected) became her thing.

Comedy is her longtime specialty. Vicki focused on comedy and kids as Saatchi & Saatchi’s New York

casting director and as Jim Jordan’s hand-picked casting director for his Welch’s, Playskool, Nestlé, Quaker Oats and Procter & Gamble brands.

Clients also know her guerilla approach to real people, taping not just in theoretical trenches but literally under ships and in closets, freezers and hotel bathrooms … anywhere unshakeable senses of humor and drive take one. Some directors (you know who you are) have made specs mercilessly bizarre simply to try and trip her up (hasn’t worked … yet). Advertisers like Best Buy, Uber, Ford, Etsy, Rakuten, Embassy Suites, Wag!, Home Depot, Denny’s and BMW grab her magical approachable knack for coaching performances out of real people, sending her off to wrangle their own employees and customers.

and in 2022:

Vicki keeps raising the bar for the new trends and new needs in casting. Docu-style performance genres combine her skills with real people and actor-driven naturalism. Foreign Language casting, a research-heavy treasure hunt, is a second niche. Non-Union casting is however a huge specialty … twice the work of SAG-AFTRA casting, but done with the expertise and discipline it deserves, three times the rewards.

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