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Walid Chaya “Rising Star” In The News: AP, CBS, NBC & More!

Wow!! Check me out in Associated Press, NBC, FOX, CBS news and others from this last week.

Read the AP news article at this link:

Learn more about the film at

So humbled these last couple of days...

Now let’s continue to support the Saudi #women2drive movement!

What can you do to help?

If you're in the USA like me, please write your senator and ask them to support Saudi Arabia’s #women2drive movement and to free Loujain AlHathloul, the Saudi womens activist currently imprisoned.

Loujain has also been sentenced as a "terrorist" in the eyes of the Saudi government, simply for fighting for women's right to drive.

Also demand support for other Saudi women activists, including Nouf Abdulaziz and Eman Al-Nafjan, who are also facing similar charges and reduced rights.

You can learn more about Loujain at or follow for her updates.

My film is inspired by stories of Saudi women, like Loujain, Nouf and Eman, the unsung heroes.

Thank you for your support, friends. Together we make a better tomorrow!


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