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Webinar: Write The Perfect Cover Letter

May 3 | Walid shares his special formula for writing to agents/casting

In this webinar for actors, Walid Chaya shares his special formula to write the perfect cover letter when emailing talent agents, personal managers and casting directors with ways to improve your follow-up and receive more replies.


Tuesday, May 3 at 2pm PT


1: Walid's Secret Formula To Write A Perfect Cover Letter

2: How To Follow-Up and Cultivate Relationships

3: Q&A Session with Walid Chaya


✰ Learn to capture a talent reps attention in a short and sweet message and pitch your skills and accomplishments in the best light

✰ Discover strategies to bring your voice and brand to your cover letter and what links and materials to include

✰ Improve your actor pitch and correspondence with talent representatives

✰ Find out how to keep in touch and form long-lasting professional relationships with VIPs

As an educator, Walid's speciality is "The Business of Acting In The Digital Age” and this webinar, along with his knowledge of the latest acting trends and resources, have helped hundreds of actors jumpstart their careers.

Communicating with VIPs just got easier for actors of all levels!

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