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What should I know about acting headshots before getting them taken?

Acting Tips for Aspiring Actors

Headshots are an important part of an actor's portfolio and are often used by casting directors to make initial judgments about actors. Here are some things to keep in mind before getting your headshots taken:

  1. Find a reputable photographer: Look for a photographer specializing in actor headshots with a strong industry reputation. Research and read reviews before booking a session. If you're working with an acting coach, agent or manager, consult with them for suggestions and before your shoot to plan the best shots for your portfolio. Remember, actor headshots are generally framed from the chest to the top of the head, with the actor facing straight-on and the camera at eye-level. To make a headshot pop, in addition to the photographer's style, three color key factors come into play: the actor's outfit/shirt color, the actor's skin color, and the background color. When you coordinate three different yet complementary colors, your photo will truly stand out.

  2. Communicate your needs: Discuss your specific requirements and goals with the photographer. Ensure they understand your casting type and potential roles. Plan outfits and accessories to bring out the essence of each character for dynamic photos.

  3. Dress appropriately and bring a variety of looks: Choose outfits that reflect the roles you aspire to. Keep it simple, avoiding busy patterns or distracting logos. Collaborate with an acting coach or trusted photographer for outfit planning. Consider differentiating characters through shirt collars, accessories, layering, and props like glasses. Start with two distinct looks, such as a business and casual attire. Additionally, bring several outfits and accessories to create a variety of looks, showcasing your versatility as an actor.

  4. Use natural makeup: Opt for a natural look, avoiding heavy contouring or dramatic styles. Aim for a headshot that captures your best, authentic self. For women, strike a balance between glamour and natural beauty, ensuring versatility across headshots.

  5. Get plenty of rest: Ensure you're well-rested and hydrated before the session. This will help you appear refreshed and energetic in your photos.

  6. Relax and have fun: Remember to unwind and enjoy the session. A skilled photographer will help you feel comfortable, enabling you to capture your best self. Bring a bluetooth speaker and upbeat playlist to set the mood and help you loosen up.

In summary, your headshot should authentically and professionally represent you. Keep it simple, natural, and aligned with your unique casting type. With proper preparation and a skilled photographer, you can create headshots that make you stand out in the industry.

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