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Casting VIP Lisa Pantone Class + Consult

10am PT July 18 | Ace commercials with Lisa's masterclass then meet with Walid for a 1-on-1 consult

  • 95 US dollars
  • The Lounge on Melrose: 7551 Melrose Ave (Studio A)

About The Event

Back by popular demand, this two-part package comprises an in-person acting masterclass led by Casting Director Lisa Pantone followed by a personalized 'Career Check-up' online consultation with Walid Chaya. Lisa Pantone is the owner of Pantone Casting and has been casting for over 20 years known for commercials with brands Nike, BMW, Game Stop, Aquafina, and for networks Netflix, Amazon, Disney and more. As a Celebrity Acting Coach, Lisa has worked with clients on several international campaigns, discovering and developing actors at all stages of their careers. Lisa will help you focus on bringing your unique voice and perspective to each performance. You'll learn how to analyze commercial copy, deliver convincing performances, and work effectively with directors, producers, and clients. DATE: Thursday, July 18 at 10:00am PT PART 1: ★ To participate, simply register for the class and prepare two contrasting commercials of your choice, each approximately 30 seconds in length. ★ If you need help finding and selecting commercials to work with, please feel free to email us for assistance, after completing your registration. PART 2: ★ Once you finish this class, you'll get an email to arrange a 20-minute 'Career Checkup' online via Zoom with acting coach Walid Chaya. In this consultation, you'll review the main lessons from the class and create effective strategies to improve your acting career. Whether you're working to secure a commercial booking or seeking representation from a talent agent, Walid's session offers strategy building, career planning, and valuable insights to propel you closer to success in the professional world of commercials, film and television. ☆ Space is very limited. ☆ Whether you're a seasoned actor or new to the world of commercial acting, this package will give you the tools you need to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Click the "Book Now" button above to register!

Cancellation Courtsey

As a courtesy to others and as space is limited, we ask that you kindly provide a 10-day advance notice for cancellations of general events. Otherwise, for members-only events under The Active Actor™ program, you have full subscription control and can cancel anytime. To avoid additional charges, please cancel before your upcoming billing date; be aware that canceling won't lead to refunds for the current month. To stop recurring payments, simply cancel before the next billing cycle. Last, for sessions on Zoom, we suggest you log in early and check your audio/video settings. Unfortunately, any unplanned tardies or no-shows will require forfeiting your reservation. Feel free to reach out via email for consistent assistance, we're happy to help!

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