Master Classes & Keynote Topics

Walid's Most Popular:

“Auditioning for Film & TV”

"Getting Represented: Agents & Managers"

"Transitioning from College to The Industry"

Walid's Students Favorite:

“Styles of Film & Television”

 Learn about television and film styles using scripts inspired by your favorite shows and movies. Actors explore sitcoms, police dramas, soap operas, action movies and more, while developing acting tools to perform each genre with confidence.

Walid's Favorite:

“Business of Acting in the Digital Age”

Created especially for performers by a diverse actor with a successful business background, Walid Chaya brings a unique take on navigating today’s entertainment industry, focusing on "Business of Acting in the Digital Age" and ways for actors to get ahead in the world's largest film and television market.

Jump-start your acting career with savvy business tools and resources every professional actor should know about with Walid Chaya, Associate Member of the Stage Directors Choreographers Society and SAG-AFTRA Actor.

From how to find representation to connecting with casting, Walid breaks down the relationships between industry professionals that can impact an actors journey and introduces a hands-on routine that helps actors run their career like a business, while still enjoying artistic freedom and creativity.

Discover modern ways to package and pitch your materials to get noticed and receive a reply when contacting directors, producers, casting directors, talent agents and personal managers. Understand the differences between these professionals and learn how to take your photos, resume, reel, social media and special skills and package them to serve you best when pitching yourself.

Topics of Discussion


★ Prepare a cover letter tailored to casting and agents

★ Decide if you also need a personal manager
★ Format resume with information casting/agents are looking for

★ Edit demo reel so the focus is on the best work (and what to do if you don't have a demo reel)

★ Write brief yet dynamic updates when sending mailings and how to follow-up


★ Self-promote in a natural and engaging way

★ Find and keep a talent agent or managers attention

★ Make memorable connections with casting

★ Use your headshots for more than just auditions and incorporate them into your branding

★ Choose online tools that serve you best (casting websites, audition apps, personal websites, IMDb, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


★ Make profile and e-submissions standout on LA Casting, Actors Access, etc..

★ Use social media to expand your reach in the film/television market

★ Make self-tapes standout among a million others

★ Acting for on-camera auditions v. acting on-set

★ Keeping audition records

★ Get seen during Pilot Season and Episodic Season


★ Utilize Film Festivals

★ Strategically choose classes to meet industry guests that can help your career

★ Connect with Film Office and Production Alliances

★ Join the union or why you may want to wait

★ Additional Guest Speakers including casting directors, talent agents, personal managers, actors and writers

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