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About the Film


A former child star fights for meaningful roles in Hollywood while battling her manipulative talent manager, exposing the dark comedy of the industry's control over artists.



Naveen, once a child star famous for playing "Darla" in a sitcom, now faces the challenges of Hollywood as an adult and is eager to secure better roles for herself as a woman instead of being typecast as a sex symbol.


However, her menacing talent manager, Blake, stands in her way, manipulating her career trajectory. Things take a darkly comedic turn when Blake, along with his fame-hungry assistant Linda and Devin, a washed-up former boy band member, concocts a fake incident involving Naveen and involves the press.


As Naveen battles manipulation and betrayal in this dark comedy, the film sheds light on the insidious nature of artist manipulation, illustrating how such exploitation can lead to conservatorships and strip away an artist's freedom, not only in their work but also in their day-to-day life and autonomy. Alongside this struggle, Naveen grapples with the suffocating effects of a conservatorship, highlighting the pervasive control structures within the entertainment industry.

Through Naveen's journey, "Darn It Darla!" sparks conversations about representation, resilience, and the pressing need for reform to safeguard artists' autonomy and creative expression.

Meet the Team


Liz Venz
as "Naveen"


Walid Chaya

as "Blake"


Quincy Cho

as "Linda"


Nelson Arrieta Jr.

as "Devin"




Lavinia Roberts



Walid Chaya

Director & Executive Producer

Ryan Constantino

Director of Photography & Producer

Peter Molinaro



Shorif Suhel


Rawan Chaya



For full production credits, please visit our film IMDb page.

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