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Acting Training with Industry VIPs & Tools to Stand Out

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ProActor Accelerator



Every month

Boost your career with coaching, rep, press & insider access

Valid for 3 months

Strategize Weekly for Career Support

Get Introduced to 3 Casting VIPs or Agents/Managers

Receive 1 Press Article in a Trusted News/Media Publication

Revamp Your Resume, Media & Branding

Increase Exposure & Connect with Casting

Develop Your Auditioning Skills

Access Exclusive Studio Offers & Events

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Explore our IN-PERSON offerings whether you're in LA or visiting!

Take advantage of our in-person Demo Reel services and apply for LA Acting Bootcamp, a career accelerator featuring 12 VIPs!



Online acting programs from a LA studio can help you improve your craft and connect with the Hollywood industry, regardless of your current location or level of experience.


Here are some frequently asked questions about online acting classes:

Are online acting classes as effective as in-person? What are the benefits?


Yes, online acting classes can be just as effective as in-person classes. The benefits of online classes include convenience, flexibility, and the ability to learn from anywhere in the world. Online classes can also be more affordable and allow you to experience personalized attention from instructors.


Do actors need to live in Hollywood to succeed in the film and television industry?


No, it is not a requirement for you to live in Hollywood in order to work in the entertainment industry. Many actors live outside of Hollywood and are able to virtually self-tape for roles and fly into Los Angeles for callbacks and bookings. Naturally, having a presence in the community and access to the scene is also helpful, but if you can't access Hollywood immediately or often, an online class can help keep you connected to the community.


Can online acting classes and consultations help me prepare to work in the industry from anywhere?


Yes, online acting classes and consultations can you prepare for the film and television industry from anywhere, offering essential training in skills such as script analysis, character development, audition techniques, and marketing for actors. Our industry connections also provide networking opportunities and exposure to professionals, and our consulting services can refer you to the industry when it's the right fit, as evidenced by our Success Stories.

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These programs are for educational purposes only, do not guarantee employment and are bonded with Old Republic Surety Co. (Bond #W150384425) as required by CA State Law.

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