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acting coaching & AUDITION TAPINg 

Are you impressing casting?

Put your best foot forward and boost your chances for booking the job with a session online or in Los Angeles.

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This could
be you on-set!

Ready to achieve your dreams of booking major roles?

Here are 3 reasons you need a trusted acting coach:

  1. Skill Enhancement: A trusted acting coach offers personalized guidance and objective feedback to enhance your skills, helping you reach your full potential and excel in your craft.

  2. Audition Success Strategies: With the support of an experienced acting coach, you can master essential audition techniques, select impactful material, and deliver captivating performances, significantly increasing your chances of success in auditions.

  3. Industry Insights and Networking: Acting coaches with industry expertise offer guidance on navigating complexities of the industry and facilitate networking opportunities with influential professionals like casting directors and producers.



Dipa Anitia

"Walid is so wonderful.  He is welcoming, sweet, knowledgeable and gets right to the point.  He doesn’t waste a second.  He knows the industry and has the perfect, specific guidance tailored just for you.  I’m so glad I met him!  His advice was actionable, practical, direct and specific for where I am today and want to be tomorrow. And I love his positive, go-getter attitude."


Milena Gotch

"Walid is such a gift to this industry! He is professional, insightful, and thoughtful in his consultations, and he goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly understands what casting directors seek and how actors can best position themselves for success. I am so grateful for his guidance!"

Chelsea Joubert.png

Chelsea Joubert

"Walid is a fantastic coach! His experience in the industry shows, and he takes his time to go through your material with you, step-by-step. He is methodical, concise, and extremely considerate in giving advice and helping you create an action plan. He is easy to learn from and supportive of anyone who comes to him for guidance. I cannot recommend him enough!"

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These programs are for educational purposes only, do not guarantee employment and are bonded with Old Republic Surety Co. (Bond #W150384425) as required by CA State Law.

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