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Get in the spotlight with guaranteed publicity for performers.

Unlock news features, talent development, and necessary tools to boost your artist image.




Who Works with Us:

Press & Publicity Services

Whether starting out or ready to level up, we'll help you enhance your presence, network, and capitalize on your skills and projects.

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What We Do For Performers & Productions:

Why You Need Publicity:


Increased Exposure

Gain visibility through press articles and placements in reputable outlets, alongside strategic billboards and podcast appearances, broadening your audience reach.


Enhanced Branding

Utilize tools like digital EPKs to effectively showcase your talent and achievements. Enhance your presence on sites including IMDb, casting platforms, and artist profiles to make a lasting impression on industry insiders, securing more job opportunities.


Career Development

In today's digital age, it's crucial to shine online as you do in real life. Elevate your image and skills through our artist coaching and consulting. We help enhance your portfolio, refine your pitch, connect you with industry VIPs, and unlock opportunities to spotlight you or your projects.

Ready to get in the spotlight?

Our publicity services can help you shine!

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Ignite in your story's exposure with guaranteed press articles, dedicated entirely to you and your projects.


1. We ensure coverage in quality news outlets and offer expert guidance to strategize your media campaigns.

2. We work with experienced authors at various publications who will expertly craft engaging articles, meticulously tailored for SEO, to boost your online discoverability.


3. The articles can feature stories, interviews, or news updates, tailored to spotlight you or your project's unique essence.

Sample 1 (The Hype Magazine)

Sample 2 (Forbes)

Sample 3 (Medium)

Sample 4 (Artist Weekly)

Sample 5 (Level Up Magazine)


Illuminate your story and brand with a polished "Digital EPK" or "Digital Comp Card".

1. We specialize in dynamic designs to showcase your talents and accomplishments, perfect for pitching to casting directors, producers or brand managers.

2. Enjoy tailored multimedia to enhance your online presence and brand identity.

3. Your Digital EPK or Comp Card offers a clear visual of your consolidated portfolio for potential auditions, meetings, and confident networking in the digital realm.

EPK Sample.jpg
Professional Photographer


Capture stunning photos and videos, ranging from headshots to demo samples and social media reels.

1. Collaborate with us to craft a compelling shot list that showcases your unique qualities with "looks" to amplify your brand and make a lasting impression.


2. Our recommended photographers excel at capturing your skills and personality, delivering a versatile portfolio.

3. Embrace the visual nature of film and TV by prioritizing your brand through imagery to strengthen connections with casting directors, brand managers, and your audience.


Enhance your talent, team and gain opportunities through our artist development consulting and strategic network.

1. In today's digital era, we tailor strategies to help you stand out to industry insiders and advance your career, whether you're a beginner or seasoned performer. From refining your profiles to polishing your online presence and on-set skills, we help cover it all.

2. We'll help connect you with agents, managers, casting directors, producers, coaches and other key figures to elevate your presence and open doors to success.


3. Enhance your image with expert branding and PR guidance, paired with personalized mentorship and casting support for success.

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Artist Development
Media Support
Image by Adem AY


Boost your social media presence across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with growth services, ranging from basic strategies to advanced solutions.


1. Our basic strategy focuses on optimizing your page for coherence with your brand and portfolio, while our advanced services ensure real follower growth, organic engagement, and complete page optimization.


2. Our advanced tools include growth and engagement features like likes, views, and comments, including verified user interactions, coupled with brand makeovers.


3. Additionally, our expert social media managers collaborate with Google AdWords to skillfully optimize for SEO, driving traffic and enhancing online discoverability.



Elevate your presence with prime billboards strategically placed in Times Square NYC, Nashville, & Atlanta along with targeted podcast promotions.


1. Our expert team secures iconic billboards in high-traffic locations for maximum impact and visibility, establishing credibility and leaving a lasting impression.

2. Craft your 15-second billboard message with our team's expertise to deliver a compelling and impactful photo or video ad.


3. Amplify your message by being a featured guest in podcast interviews, reaching broader audiences across popular platforms.

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Press & Publicity Pricing

Need help getting started? Schedule a complimentary phone call for support.

Paparazzi Photographers

Starter package for $395/month includes:

✓ Up to 2 guaranteed press articles every month and opportunities for more

✓ Digital EPK or Comp Card

✓ Visual Branding Solutions

✓ Artist Development

✓ Basic Social Media Strategy


Advanced packages are available by request, offering:

✓ Additional monthly press articles with access to high-tier publications like LA Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Variety, USA Today, Yahoo and more

✓ Advanced social media strategy and management with g
uaranteed engagement

✓ Billboard placements

Radio & Podcast Interviews


Packages require a
4-month commitment:

✓ Ensures sustained quality media and industry connections over time for more impactful results

✓ Provides consistency to network and build your team, including agents, managers, producers, writers, casting, etc.

✓ Provides ongoing brand visibility and growth, enhancing your presence in the industry

Red Carpet Interview

Ready to elevate your image?

Please send us an email to get started, or you can schedule a complimentary call for the next steps.

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