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3 Casting Websites Actors Must Be On - FREE GUIDE!

One of an actor's main ways of finding jobs is to AUDITION.

Whether or not you have an agent, it is essential to have profiles set up on these three acting websites: Actors Access, Casting Networks, and Casting Frontier!

These three acting websites are your main form of access to submit for casting directors and other projects.

The table below compares Actors Access, Casting Networks, and Casting Frontier, so that you can see what these sites have to offer you!

Actors Access, Casting Frontier, and Casting Networks are three major resources for actors to find casting calls and the table above lets you know what you can expect with each for their members.

Backstage is another very popular acting resource and is on this table as a bonus resource because there is no harm in casting a wider net.

We hope that this article has been helpful! To see how you can set up your personalized link on Actors Access, please click here to view that article!

Need help setting up your acting profiles on these sites? Ready to create a game plan to book more? Schedule a Career Consultation with Walid today!

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