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FREE Webinar! 5 Habits To Book BIG Roles

Wed Nov 2 | Walid shares 5 habits of successful actors.

Start your New Year with habits that will help you BOOK BIG!

Take your acting career to the next level with Walid's special routines and business practices.

✭ Wednesday, November 2 at 12pm PT

In this complimentary webinar, Walid will share 5 common habits successful actors have in common that help them book bigger roles in commercials, film and television. Many of Walid's clients adopt these special habits after working with him and finally take control of their acting careers.

As Hollywood reopens, productions are on the rise again with an abundance of opportunities for actors. Find out how you can adjust and add to your routine with 5 habits that will move you forward in our fast-paced entertainment industry.

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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