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Webinar: 5 Ways To Self-Tape & Stand Out

Tues Oct 18 | Walid shares audition strategies to book from self-tapes.


★ REGISTRATION - please click here

In this webinar for actors, Walid will share "5 Ways To Self-Tape & Stand Out" when auditioning for roles in film and television.


✭ Tuesday, Oct 18 at 11am PT

Many of Walid's clients have booked big roles in films and television shows after coaching with Walid and applying one or more of these strategies for their self-taped auditions.

Self-tape auditions are more popular now than ever before and Casting Directors are able to see hundreds of actors for each role thanks to the internet.

This gives more actors opportunities to audition and gives casting more options to choose from and book!

☆ So how can you stand-out among so many other self-tape auditions?

☆ What can you do virtually to make-up for not being in the room with casting?

☆ What does it really takes to book each role?

Discover the answer to these questions with strategies to better navigate self-tape auditions and get noticed by casting. Actors will also be able to ask Walid questions live on Zoom during this session, time permitting.

Register now to save your spot and learn to become a self-tape booking pro - space is limited!

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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