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Actors Scene Creation 5-Week Demo Class - Pilot Season 2023 Session Begins Soon!

Starts Tues Feb 21 | Film a scene for your demo reel with VIP guidance and training along the way.


★ REGISTRATION - please click here to submit for approval.

Actors will experience 5-weeks of film prep, acting technique & on-set production led by Walid Chaya and our demo development partners, Rapid Reelz.

A competitive demo reel helps actors get noticed by casting directors and talent agents for booking acting roles. In this all-inclusive 5-week course, actors will develop an original 2-minute scene for their demo reel with scene study and special guest collaborations, leading to a professional film shoot on the final class.

Only 12 actors will be approved to participate in this class and can expect the following over 5-weeks, the first two classes on Zoom and the last three meeting in-person in Los Angeles.

★ Week 1: Portfolio Review & Writing Session – Brand/type, partner introduction and outline of scene with a special guest screenwriter (ZOOM)

★ Week 2: Script Presentation – Run partner scene with screenwriter present for script edits (ZOOM)

★ Week 3: Scene Study – Rehearsal with character work, raising the stakes, tone, pace and style (IN-PERSON)

★ Week 4: Dress Rehearsal – Run partner scene with costumes, props and mock set-up with special guest cinematographer (IN-PERSON)

★ Week 5: Shoot Day – Film on a studio set for 2-hour scheduled time per scene (IN-PERSON)

This program provides personalized attention and is tailored to each actor’s needs, from the demo scene creation to the weekly lessons, branding, and professional guidance.

Actors can also expect Rapid Reelz’ best services in this packaged program, including an assigned screenwriter for each custom scene, production team with high-quality camera, lighting, and sound, industry standard level post production, and a producer to oversee the process.

☆ Actors will be emailed a downloadable link to two video clips approximately 2-weeks after the film shoot: a full 2-2.5 minute scene and a 20-40 second cut clip of the actors’ best moment.

☆ Both the scene and clip will be sent in HD & an SD version set to the specifications of LA Casting & Actors Access. The clip can be uploaded to talent profiles and used for casting submissions.

Hurry, only 12 spots per session – register now!

★ REGISTRATION - please click here to submit for approval.

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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