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Michael McIntyre, Actor/Producer & CEO, Rapid Reelz (Guest Bio)


I am a tenacious individual who gives everything I am to every pursuit I undertake. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome by a steady spirit, a clear mind, and a copious amount of hard work. My aim is to become one of the true creators in our industry, with the power to move projects and contribute to our culture in a major way.


Since 2009, Rapid Reelz has been creating content for actors and artists with an emphasis on story, character, and production quality. The first in the business to offer full scene coverage, a collaborative writing process, and a huge roster of veteran actors and filmmakers to enhance your scenes, Rapid Reelz has and always will be at the cutting edge of content creation.

This VIP has been a special guest at Studio For Performing Arts LA in the past.

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