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What Casting Wants To See On Actors Access: Creating Separate Clips from One Video or Demo Reel

Many casting directors have shared that they prefer individual performance clips over a full length demo reel from actors.

Why? You can choose the individual clip based on what's most appropriate for the specific submission. That way, you are boosting your chances at being called in to audition instead of showing your single-video demo reel that might not start with a clip that serves the role best.

On Actors Access, there is a way to create separate clips from your current uploaded demo reel, without having to upload each individual video.

The steps below will show you exactly how to create these clips for casting directors!

Creating Separate Clips from One Video in Actors Access

  1. Log in to your Actors Access account.

  2. Click on My Tools at the top of the Actors Access page

  3. Click on Media

  4. Select the uploaded video that you want to create clips from

  5. After selecting the video, click on the button that says "Create Clips"

  6. Click "Play"

  7. When you find the performance that you want to clip, find the start point of that performance and click "Pause"

  8. After pausing the video click on "Set Clip Start" to begin the timestamp

  9. Click "Play" until you find the end of the performance

  10. Click "Pause" once you find the end of the performance

  11. After pausing the video click on "Set Clip End" to end the clip timestamp

  12. Under where it says "Clip Title" create a title for your clip.

  13. When all of this is done click on "+ Create Clip"

  14. Two options will pop up:

    1. "I would like to replace my reel, (Reel Title), with these clips at no charge."

    2. "I would like to keep my reel, (Reel Title), and add these clips at $11/minute USD per minute or fraction thereof."

  15. Select the option that you would prefer.

    1. If you choose option two then it will take you to the payment menu

  16. After the payment has been dealt with you will now have the individual performance clip on your Actors Access profile!

I hope this article has been helpful to boost your audition appointments!

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