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Actors Access/Media Online Consultation!

Meet twice with Walid for 30-min each to revamp your actor profiles.

Walid (Bio) will help you make a strong first impression and set-up your Actors Access, Casting Networks and similar acting profiles to meet industry standard.

Your actor profile must be as strong as your talent. No matter how talented you are, your acting profiles must reflect your skills and personality to be considered for roles in television and film.

A variety of video/demo clips and professional headshots displayed correctly are an actors ammo when submitting to casting or seeking representation. Resume credits and how your experiences and skills are presented is key to standing out among the crowd.

Revamping your actor profiles to book more work is now possible with Walid's guidance!

***After you book, please reply to the confirmation email from Walid and send any links to videos or photos that may not already be on your acting profiles. Walid will review these items along with your actor profiles with you during your scheduled session.

For registration please click here and to view the current schedule, please visit


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