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FREE Webinar! "Demo Reels Q&A" with 4 VIPs - An Agent, Casting Director, Rapid Reelz & Walid Chaya

August 8, 2022 at 1pm PT | An agent, casting pro and 2 filmmakers discuss demo reels in this free webinar for actors.

Discover steps and strategies to develop a demo reel for actors and what agents and casting directors expect when booking talent.


✭ Monday, Aug 8, 2022

The following panel of VIPs will share helpful advice on Zoom:

★ Josh Ropiequet, Casting Associate, Lowry Johnson/Goldstein Casting

★ Janelle Bernard, Talent Agent, Daniel Hoff Agency

★ Michael McIntyre, Filmmaker & CEO, Rapid Reelz

★ Walid Chaya, Filmmaker/Actor & Director, Studio For Performing Arts LA

Having a high-quality, professional demo reel can make the difference between no callbacks and making a career in film or television. Find out how to enhance your acting portfolio and learn about resources to help you along the way. The VIP panelist will also answer related questions submitted by participants for our live discussion and Q&A session.

Save your spot now and learn about developing your demo reel from film and television experts in this free webinar!

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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