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ABC’s of Pilot Season Showcase Premieres with 7 TV & Film VIP’s

Thank you to our actors and to the following VIP’s that were our special guests in our “ABC’s of Pilot Season Prep” masterclass this week:


★ Walid Chaya, Director-Actor


★ Pamela Staton, Casting Professional

★ Karen Ryan, Casting Professional

★ Dee Russo, Agent, Eris Talent Agency

★ Sueanne Edan, Agent, Tangerine Talent Agency

★ Tyler Kahl, Agent, Allegory Talent Agency

★ Brandon Cohen, Manager, BAC Talent Management

★ Lauren Hightower, Manager, Aspire Talent Management

In this two-part program, our students first developed their “actor pitch” and revamped their Actors Access profile with our studio director Walid Chaya during the first class.

For part two, our students presented to 7 VIP casting pros, talent agents and managers for on-the-spot professional feedback.

For the current schedule of programs and events visit

Wishing our actors all the best in your artistic endeavors and a relaxing rest of your weekend!!


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